01 October 2011

What's the latest on copyright reform amendments in Canada?

The Canadian government introduced on 29 September 2011, Bill C-11, An Act to Amend the Copyright Act. This bill is identical to Bill C-32 which was introduced in June 2010. Bill C-32 died in March 2011 when the Canadian government fell in a vote of no confidence. This is the 4th attempt at amending the 1924 Canadian Copyright Act in order to address newer ways in which we all create, distribute and use copyright-protected works, and in order for Canada to be able to join the two digital WIPO treaties. There are some indications that the bill could be fast tracked and passed by the end of 2011.

26 July 2011

copyrightlaws.com » Digital Licensing, Clicking “I Agree”, E-Book & iPad Licensing

copyrightlaws.com » Digital Licensing, Clicking “I Agree”, E-Book & iPad Licensing New Qs & As on licensing digital content plus various new articles on licensing content in new issue of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter.

17 March 2011

For-Profit Copyright and Fair Use, Ethics, Museum DRM

Copyright and Ethics, Copyright and For-Profit Colleges by Donna L. Ferullo, Digital Rights Management for Museums by David Green, and The 112th U.S. Congress and Copyright by Anthony J. Roda, are topics in the current issue of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, Volume 2011, Issue 1.

24 February 2011

What are Web 2.0 and Digital Copyright Issues?

Web 2.0 and Other Digital Copyright Issues is a 3 week online course offered through the SLA Click University Certificate in Copyright Management. Begins 1 March 2011.
Topics covered include:

copyright protection in digital v. traditional works
digital works that are protected
determining whether a digital work is protected by copyright
existing laws that deal with digital copyright issues
defining "electronic rights"
licenses (for digital works) v. assignments of copyright
digital licensing overview
the role of a written digital license policy
copyright treatment of specific digital uses of content including scanning/digitizing; website content; manipulating digital images; file-sharing; electronic reserves and online course material; teaching online/distance education; e-mail; linking; framing; discussions lists such as listservs, bulletin boards and newsgroups; browsing; caching; blogs; news feeds; downloading; printing; e-transfer; e-archiving, digital libraries and digital library projects; digital databases of articles; internal v. external uses; wikis; social networking sites
digital rights management (DRM)
the future of digital copyright

Other digital-related courses are offered as self study courses through ALA Editions on: Digital Licensing; Copyright & Electronic Resource Management.

09 January 2011

What copyright training is available in January 2011? Copyright Management, U.S. Copyright, Canadian Copyright

Consider the individual courses (or the complete certificate) offered by SLA Click University and Copyrightlaws.com. The program begins with 3 online courses in January:
1. Intro to Copyright Management (begins Jan 14)
2. U.S. Copyright Law (begins Jan 25)
3. Canadian Copyright Law (begins Jan 27)

The courses are part of the Certificate in Copyright Management.