05 January 2010

Museum questions on licensing

Section 15.0 below deals with museum related copyright questions.

Note that the book A Canadian Museum’s Guide to Developing a Licensing Strategy
is currently being updated to take into account the nature of
licensing by museums, archives and other cultural institutions in 2010
and beyond. The 2nd edition of the book will discuss direct licensing
from institutions as well as third party licensing, and licensing
strategies in relation to publishing e-books, and posting content on
social networking sites including flickr, Facebook and Youtube. The
first edition of this book, published by CHIN, is at http://www.pro.rcip-chin.gc.ca/propriete_intellectuelle-intellectual_property/guide_elaboration-guide_developing/index-eng.jsp . The book includes information on issues specific to Canadian
institutions, however much of the information on developing a
licensing strategy is global and relevant to all.

One chapter of the book includes questions and answers on licensing
strategies. Do you have questions? Please email them to me or post
them below in section 15.0, so they can be anonymously
addressed in the 2nd edition of the book. Also, I would like to hear
any interesting licensing situations your institution has recently
been involved in. All information will be kept confidential.

contact at copyrightlaws dot com

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Anonymous said...

What are the standard fees for licensing images in a museum?