05 January 2010

Copyright, New Media Law & E-Commerce News

It is hard to believe that 2010 is the 15th year of the free publication of the LEH-Letter. The LEH-Letter, also titled, Copyright, New Media Law & E-Commerce News, began as a way to inform my clients and students about news in copyright. When created, its purpose was to save my office time in sending the news out individually! Times have changed with respect to how we all now share news. Thousands of people now subscribe to the LEH-Letter.

Our approach is global, practical and unique. We do not aim to cover all issues, but rather summarize specific news items from court cases to new legislation to interesting digital ventures. Many of our articles dealing with copyright compliance, managing the use of digital and print copyright-protected materials, and education on copyright and licensing. Online, in-person and conference sessions on copyright, licensing and legal aspects of digital property are covered in the e-letter, and related publications are mentioned.

We are fortunate that the National Library of Canada archives all issues of the LEH-Letter. You may view them at http://epe.lac-bac.gc.ca/100/202/300/copyright-a/.

The next issue will be available January 8 2010.

Lesley Ellen Harris

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