15 July 2009

Order of questions and index to this blog

Please post your question under the appropriate heading/question in this blog. Do NOT post your copyright questions under this heading. If you scroll through the blog, you will find the section you are looking for. The reason that the sections are not in order is that we periodically update the questions and answers, and add new ones including adding your comments as part of the our postings, and the newer postings and updated questions move to the top of the blog when they are posted.

Here are the Question headings:

1.0 Copyright Protection and Formalities
2.0 Types of Works Protected by Copyright
3.0 Ownership of Copyright Materials
4.0 Duration of Copyright Protection
5.0 Rights Protected by Copyright
6.0 Limitations on Rights
7.0 License Agreements
8.0 Copyright Infringement
9.0 Copyright Permissions
10.0 Digital Copyright Issues
11.0 International Copyright Issues
12.0 Canadian Copyright Questions (includes copyright reform news and information)
13.0 US Copyright Issues
14.0 Miscellaneous Copyright Issues
15.0 Museum Related Copyright Questions
16.0 Copyright and Licensing Management/Compliance Issues
17.0 News on Copyright Law
18.0 Want to Work in Copyright or Licensing? (added to this blog 27 October 2009)

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