04 June 2009


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Deborah said...

I hired a graphic designer to redesign my business cards. I had provided an old card and sketches for what I wanted in terms of layout and design, and requested that she make only minor changes specific to my request in the card design. The graphic designer completed the project and I paid her. She created nothing original when she provided the electronic files as they were an exact duplication of what I sketched/drew out for her to put in file format for the printer. The graphic designer arranged for the printer to print the cards. The printer was paid in full. I contacted the printer directly to reprint the business cards and they said the graphic designer owns the copyright to the business cards and I needed her permission.

I’m interested in your feedback. There was no contact signed saying she owns the rights to the design files. We spoke briefly about this issue and she mentioned she now gets clients to sign a contract which states the graphic designer retains the rights to the design files.

This no doubt would create huge issues for company owners who get art work designed for logos, layouts for brochures, business cards etc.

Copyrightlaws.com said...

Hi Deborah, if you created the design and the graphic designer added nothing to it, then you would own the rights in the design. It is best to have this put in writing prior to entering into any relationship to avoid any confusion.