04 June 2008

2.0 Types of Works Protected by Copyright

2.1 Question: I am writing a book on copyright law for laypeople. I am not a lawyer and am getting much of my research is from other books on copyright, rather than giving my opinion on the Copyright Act and court cases. Is this legal?
Answer: There is no copyright in ideas, facts or information. Therefore, you may use the ideas, facts or information in the books you are using for research purposes. However, you may not reproduce the exact wording from these books. (2006-4)

2.2 Question: How do you know if content in a Web site is protected by copyright?
Answer: It is best to assume that all content in a Web site is protected by copyright unless and until you investigate otherwise. Treat Web site content as you would any other content. Check for any copyright notices, and any statements stating whether you may use the content in specified circumstances without first obtaining permission, for example, in a nonprofit setting. Be careful in using any older works that appear to be in the public domain, as adapted portions of these works may be protected by copyright. (2007-3)

2.3 Question: What types of U.S. government works are protected by copyright?
Answer: An example is a work prepared by a consultant (non-federal government employee). In this situation, the government may get an assignment of copyright from the consultant and therefore there would be a government copyright in that consultant's work. If a federal government employee prepares a document, then there is no copyright protection in that document and anyone may freely use it. (Freely use is and fair use and two different concepts, not to be confused.)

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Say you have a group of children (friends having a fun afternoon activity) acting out a scene or scenes from a favourite movie or TV series. They then video it and using a movie maker software edit their work and add music and still photos from the movie/TV series which they found and copied from the internet.All of this done for a family audience. My question: can they do that? are they violating any copyright? Who can I ask about such things?